It was the season's most unlikely pairing: veteran music executive L.A. Reid, who's helped catapult the likes of Usher, TLC, Mariah Carey and Rihanna to multi-platinum success, mentoring Tate Stevens, a 37-year-old country

The country singer tells Us Weekly he turned into "a big old puddle of mush" after hearing he'd won the $5 million prize.

In mere months, 37-year-old Tate Stevens went from laying concrete in Belton, Mo., to winning a $5 million recording contract on national television. But was the lovable family man changed in the process?

Fresh off of his "X Factor" win, singer Tate Stevens is making plans to relocate to Nashville. The Missouri native, who plans to move after his son graduates from high school, says he will commute back and forth until then, focusing on his country

Tate Stevens' “X Factor” competition may not want to hear this, but even Santa is throwing his weight behind the country singer from Belton. “Right now, Tate Stevens is the man,” said Mr. Claus, who was one of hundreds of