No matter which contestant Sean Lowe, the chiseled, strawberry blond, chooses as his fantasy fiancée on the three-hour season finale of ABC's “The Bachelor” on Monday — will it be Catherine Giudici, 26, a quirky graphic designer from Seattle, or

Of course, any discussion of people touching led directly to the Bachelor finale, which featured at least one "I love you" Sean Lowe must already regret. Somehow, we still had energy to once again profess our fondness for Yolanda on Real Housewives of

Warning: If you have not yet made it through all two hours and seven minutes of tonight's finale, DO NOT click through to read this post. Otherwise, join me on the other side to talk about which woman is (at least temporarily)

Aw. How nice. The nation is abuzz this week over some Seattleites and their connection to ABC's hit show, “The Bachelor.” Former contestant/world-famous crier Jason Mesnick and his wife, Molly, welcomed a baby girl. Local graphic designer Catherine

ABC's romance reality show “The Bachelor” has experienced a rare resurgence after a downswing that lasted several seasons , Amy Chozick and Bill Carter report. The show, which pairs a hunky man with dozens of heavily made-up women until he picks one