Forget the Ravens and the 49ers. Chrysler just won the Super Bowl with a commercial for its truck brand that was memorable, unique, and inspiring.

Powerful in its straightforwardness, stripped-down authenticity and subtle patriotism, Ram Truck delivered with its moving two-minute long love letter to those who till the land. It features original photography and the late broadcaster Paul Harvey's

Did you like the commercial about farmers that Dodge produced for the the Super Bowl?

One of the most touching commercials from Super Bowl Sunday was the Dodge ad based on the "so God made a farmer" speech by Paul Harvey. We've included the full audio from the speech below so you can listen to the

Over a series of still photos of farms, farmers, and farm equipment, the commercial played a talk by the conservative radio broadcaster Paul Harvey, who died in 2009. Harvey delivered the speech, called "So God Made a Farmer," at the Future Farmers of