Guatemalans and tourists say farewell to an era and welcome a new one, when they mark the end of the Mayan long count calendar in Tikal, Guatemala. In the 1960s, US scholars said the end of the Maya's 13th Baktun, an epoch lasting some 400 years,

The Mayan calendar was off the mark today. Let's be honest, December 21 is here and so are we.

(CNN) – Friday marked the final recorded day of the Mayan calendar, and thousands gathered at an ancient site to honor the event. It was no doomsday, but still an occasion to remember. As day broke over Chichen Itza, hundreds of travelers were on hand

To the crazies who are grafting zombies and vampires onto Christmas, I say phooey, fake, outrageous and as old Major Hoople would say, "Fap to you!"

Dozens of Guatemalan Mayan priests, watched by a few foreign tourists and doomsdayers, perform traditional ceremonies at the first sunrise of the new Mayan era at the vast archaelogical heritage site of Tikal. Twitter · submit to reddit