Parents of Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback AJ McCarron (not pictured) Dee Dee McCarron (left) and Tony McCarron (second left), cheer with his girlfriend Katherine Webb (second right) and his grandmother Mimi Kent (right) before their game against the 

A year ago, Katherine Webb was some random attractive woman from Alabama. Now she is a pop culture icon. And the person the camera had to find as soon as Alabama's improbable Sugar Bowl loss to Oklahoma became 

A.J. McCarron hit DeAndrew White for a 67-yard touchdown. He then ran the length of the field with his arms wide, only to whiff on the celebratory chest bump. His girlfriend Katherine Webb and his mother Dee Dee Bonner 

Lindsey Duke, who is the girlfriend of UCF quarterback Blake Bortles, is receiving Katherine Webb-like attention.

A.J. McCarron's mom Dee Dee Bonner went crazy cheering on her son while girlfriend Katherine Webb had a nervous look on her face. Here's the GIF.

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