It's best to enjoy the NBA draft with a little perspective, so how about taking a gander at the proceedings through Victor Oladipo's point of view? The Verge has a full report on an exciting day chronicled by Google's newest venture. Oladipo—who would

Going into this summer's draft, many experts believed that Victor Oladipo was among the safest picks, and the Orlando Magic must have agreed. The struggling franchise selected the former Indiana shooting guard No. 2 overall in the 2013 NBA draft

The burning question of who would actually want to wear a Google Glass has been answered. Projected lottery pick Victor Oladipo was rocking the futuristic shades during pre-draft activities. This is a potential game-changer for the NBA fashion wars.

It's about time the college basketball world handed over blog coverage rights of Victor Oladipo to the NBA, but amid the transition process that is the draft, we couldn't help but be the ones to share this video. You're getting a good one, NBA. Above

Despite Nerlens Noel still being on the board at No. 2, the Magic selected Indiana's Victor Oladipo.