Question: Why are people so bent out of shape about Google getting rid of Google Reader? Answer. Google's surprise announcement Wednesday that it would retire this service on July 1 provoked two common reactions: "What's Google Reader?" and "How

In a blog post, Alan Green, a software engineer at Google, blamed the demise of Reader on declining usership numbers – not particularly surprising in an age when a whole lot of folks get their news through social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Soon all I'll have left are these digital facsimiles of our memories.

A petition to save Google Reader has amassed over 100000 signatures in less than two days. Still, Google likely won't change its mind.

There is a silver lining to the demise of Google Reader. First off, its competitors are stepping up and secondly, new ones are showing up on the scene. There's a huge chance to truly innovate in the RSS market, which has arguably stagnated since Google