In recent weeks, Sandy Hook conspiracy theories have cut into an ever growing share of attention focused on the tragedy, with many on the web “questioning the official narrative” regarding the sad event — positing that the Newtown school massacre didn

Conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown, Conn., shooting reached a new level this week after a viral video exploded online. But is there anything to it? According to experts, the much-hyped Sandy Hook conspiracy video, entitled The Sandy Hook

A video entitled The Sandy Hook Shooting – Fully Exposed has gone viral, and questions nearly everything reported about the Newtown tragedy.

You people need to stop. Seriously. I have listened as respectfully as possible for the last four years when you claimed that the President of the United States wasn't actually from the United States. I let it slide when you called

The web is buzzing this morning as "American Idol"is back with a new set of judges, a wacky Sandy Hook Conspiracy is gaining steam and Google is honoring Frank Zamboni, the inventor of — you guessed it — the Zamboni. When American Idol returns for a